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[INTERVIEW] B.A.P Youngjae for K-BOY Paradise Vol. 12 →


Q: You toured in different places in Japan last year, but where did you like it the most, and what food did you like the best?
YJ: All of the food in Japan is delicious. The ones that I remember the most were at an udon and tonkatsu (pork cutlet on rice) shop. The food came out on really big…

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[INTERVIEW] B.A.P for Rankingbox: Part 1

We want to change the world with music! B.A.P’s Group Aim

Q: It’s your first time with “Ranking Box” so first could you tell us everyone’s charming point?

Daehyun: Zelo is B.A.P’s maknae. Out of all of us, he is the most pure, he’s a cute, good person.
Zelo: Yongguk-hyung is our group leader. He’s usually silent, he speaks only when it’s necessary.
Yongguk: Youngjae is the group’s main vocalist along with Daehyun. He’s really pleasant and good at making everyone have fun.
Youngjae: Along with Yongguk, Himchan is the oldest member in the group. Because of Yongguk’s influence on him, Himchan acts a bit like an adult, but really he’s a goofball. He’s our mood maker.
Himchan: Jongup’s body is solidly built for his age, his muscle is incredible. He’s quite innocent so it’s a bit worrisome sometimes, but that’s his personality I think, and he has a lot of creativity which is cool.
Jongup: Daehyun-hyung is the main vocalist along with Youngjae. He’s in charge of the high notes, so he’s always belting it out for us, he’s cool.

Q: The way you are trying to reach your aim, do you change in either Korea or Japan?

Yongguk: Like our group name suggests, we aim for the Best, Absolute, Perfect stage. Also, we want to change the world with music. Of course we are living in a good world right now, but we need to help maintain it.

Q: You debuted in Japan in October last year, and won 2 awards in the 28th Japan Golden Disc awards. How does it feel to win awards outside your home country?

Himchan: It’s an honor to receive such prestigious awards. It’s unfortunate but we weren’t able to attend the awards, but we’re happy to accept such wonderful, meaningful prizes. Being awarded these, from now on we want to always give our best in our Japan promotions and be able to show a good image.

Q: You also went on an arena tour, but being able to fill venues with thousands of people is exceptional right after a debut. How was it with so many fans?

Youngjae: We were able to grow with our arena tour last year, and it’s good to say that our tour helped us grow. Up until now, this was the biggest scale tour we’ve done, we could do things we hadn’t before, and do things we wanted to do. Using this experience, we could get real feedback from that time, and we’ll be able to make our next tour even better, I think.
Himchan: A lot of people came to see us, so next time we will try and have more communication with everyone.

Q: What performance left the strongest impression on you?

Himchan: Of course, each performance has it’s good points and leaves memories with us, but I think the show in Tokyo’s Yoyogi First National Gymnasium when I did my “one man” performance (Himchan’s ‘Rainy Day’ monologue) in the tour’s largest venue left a really deep impression. Concerts are times to meet fans so it’s always fun and makes us happy.

Q: Lately you have had fan meetings and performed for TV events (PON! Spring Festival), it seems like you are getting used to promoting in Japan, how has your feelings changed from before your Japan debut up until now?

Daehyun: Before debuting in Japan, we were always very excited to be able to see Japanese fans here, with our debut we think when we can show our image to fans, and we think about what we will do. Before coming to Japan we studied and practiced Japanese a lot in effort to be in touch with everyone.

Q: During your stay in Japan, did you go out anywhere by yourself?

Daehyun: We don’t go out without telling someone.
Himchan: Our schedule was full, (laughs).
Youngjae: This time when we were in Japan we had a little bit of time, so we played futsal (indoor soccer) with the staff. There were also places to eat ramen by our hotel, so we went out to eat ramen.
Daehyun: We were busy everyday, but our Japanese staff always thought about us. It wasn’t just futsal, but we also played table tennis, and were taken to eat at delicious places. That’s why, when we’re in Japan we feel very happy.

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[FANACCOUNT] 140406 B.A.P ‘No Mercy’ Mini Live & Gift Exchange @ Tokyo

Quick list of issues that happened before B.A.P even got on stage today:

  • I think whoever booked the venue/planned the event underestimated B.A.P and how many of us would come out to see them ^^
  • There were like 2000 people at the venue, and there didn’t seem to be enough staff to handle us all, we couldn’t hear announcements or anything very well and moving everyone for seating was very difficult
  • When about 1/2 of the A block ticket holders were already in the stage area or lined up ready to enter, there was a really bad rain/thunder/lightning/hail storm right before the show was supposed to start at 3pm.
  • We all had to take shelter in different parts of the venue, and had to wait until 3:30pm before they gave the all clear to go and start lining up all over again, so the show didn’t start until 5:05pm.

My random ticket number was terrible haha, but A Block was supposed to be priority seating for those who bought 3 types of “No Mercy” singles, B block were Baby who bought CDs that day (x)

Mini Live

I’ll talk more about this in Part 2, but the weather caused delays so the event started about 2 hours late. However, B.A.P was in their tent waiting for about an hour, a lot of J-Babys were tweeting things like “I just saw Himchan and Youngjae run, I wonder if they came from the bathroom just now? Haha” Also “(We just heard) Someone tell Yongguk that the Gundam statue was moving, and he poked his head out the tent and was grinning while looking, then after that someone just stuck their hand out of the tent and pointed at the Gundam.”  (cr: MusicChacoBABY, trans: Nicole @ We thought we saw Daehyun, Youngjae and Himchan when the flaps of the tent got opened but we’re not sure since they hid really quick ^^;;

When the MC, Hoshino-san, started the event, he had to skip B.A.P’s intro because of the time, so he got the crowd excited saying something like “Babys and B.A.P want to see each other so badly right now, let’s begin!”

They opened with “Excuse Me,” and they seemed to be giving it even more energy than in Nagoya, like they were trying to make it up to us for the bad weather and everything. Yongguk seemed to be adding a lot of extra “Yeah’s!” to the performance too. I was sort of sad seeing Jongup sleeveless though, IT WAS FREEZING.

Then they went right into “Dancing in the Rain,” and for the little dance break when they call a member into the middle of the stage to dance, they called Jongup and while they chanted “Moon Jongup, Moon Jongup!”  Jongup did this silly dance with his hands on his knees that I can’t name, but it’s a move that I can only really imagine old men doing haha. Then they called “Choi Junhong!” and Zelo also did a silly sort of “can-can” style dance? Both of them were full of silly rather than swag for their dances ^^

Their talk break was pretty sort, their introductions:

Yongguk: I’m B.A.P’s Leader, Bang Yongguk.
Himchan: I’m in-charge of being handsome (in B.A.P), Himchan!
Daehyun: I’m Dae-chan~!
Youngjae: (in aegyo voice) I’m Youngjae-kuuun~
Jongup: (his voice was so quiet I could hardly hear) I’m Jongup
Zelo: I’m the yougnest member, Zelo. (he was also pretty quiet)

They sort of rushed their their talk, saying like they did in Nagoya that they will be touring and coming back to Japan, and that we “Can’t cheat on B.A.P” while they’re on tour. They did try doing a lot of fanservice though, with the members who weren’t talking at the time waving and making hearts at Babys though.

The last song was “No Mercy,” and of course they rocked it. Again, they seemed to give everything they had to make up for all the delays and the cold and everything, it seemed like they really wanted Babys to have a great time. I think it was this song towards the end that Youngjae sort of ran offstage to touch hands with the crowd? I was really far back but I saw him get down from the stage and heard a bunch of Babys screaming before he went back up. B.A.P’s hip thrusts and body waves were no joke today, wow….

We got to move up a couple meters after this but still ^^;

The statue is the giant Gundam that started moving just before B.A.P’s mini live started, it’s like a timed “performance” where it smokes and lights up and moves it’s head, this was what Yongguk was apparently looking at from the tent. (x)

Gift Exchange

This took a long time to get started, and the format was a bit different: Since there were like 2000 people there today, they had a line going on and off stage for each member instead of 3 members on each side of the stage. This was nice because we could be closer to the members longer since we could see them as we walked the 1 meter or so towards them on stage.

I had 4 gift exchange tickets this day: 3 Yongguk and 1 Daehyun, and since there were so many people I wanted to make sure I used my Yongguk ones (Bias, sorry ^^;;). The line kept getting stopped to clear out the Babys who finished the gift exchange, so I got stopped in the line for Yongguk when I was in 6th or so place from the front. Me and a girl in front of me started waving at Yongguk since we were pretty close, and he just sort of stared at us sort of smirking/holding back laughter/judging us so I felt embarrassed and hid my head in my scarf ^^;;

Then the line moved again and I got to get another photo card from Yongguk, but with so many people   there staff was sending us through super fast (understandably) so I just said “Thank you Yongguk!” and went through. He smiled at everyone and looked super handsome~ It was frustrating though since the lines moved so sporadically the announcer was like “Yongguk’s line is empty,” like if you let us through it won’t be empty haha.

I was going to try going one more time at least with another of my gift exchange cards but this was the line… (x)

The stage and the giant Gundam were TINY from where I took that picture at the back of that line, and I really had to get home to I asked the girls around me “誰ペンですか?” (“Who’s your bias?”), so I gave my Daehyun card to the girl infront of me and my 2 left over Yongguk cards to the girl behind me. I was super happy that they seemed so pleased, but of course I felt pretty sad I couldn’t use them ^^;; Still, I’m glad I could help other Babys.

However, I guess most people only got to use maybe maximum 2 tickets since the lines were just so long, and since the event started late B.A.P and staff probably had to clear out fairly soon (it was around 7pm when I had to leave).

I heard some people say Daehyun looked a bit tired/sick when they saw him for the gift exchange, but then other people were saying he was smiling and looked good, so I don’t know ^^;; Either way, they might have run out of Daehyun’s Tokyo cards since I saw that a few Babys got “Nagoya” photocards from Daehyun (aaaaaaup & DAEJAE_com to name just 2), so maybe they ran out? There were so many people there today I wouldn’t be surprised if they ran out of Tokyo cards and needed to use left overs from other events so Babys wouldn’t be empty handed.

3 of 3 of my Yongguk cards: "Shall we go to the convenience store together?" (x)

This was the last “No Mercy” Release event, and I hope they will hold more special events like this but maybe be more prepared to cope with B.A.P’s growing popularity and all the Babys that will show up wherever B.A.P is~
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[FANACCOUNT] 140331 B.A.P ‘The FIRST DATE with BABY JAPAN’ Fanmeeting @ Tokyo

1st Fanmeeting

Self-Intro/About the Fanmeeting: Himchan said that the special point of “1004” is that it became number 1 thanks to Babys. Youngjae was trying to talk about the song/fanmeeting but used Kansai dialect, which is what they use in Osaka (where they had the fan meeting the day before) so he was still stuck using it for the intro and Himchan teased him. I just remember Daehyun was already giggling at the intro, he laughed so much the whole fan meeting. The MC said it was a special day and that it was Yongguk’s birthday, and Yongguk looked like he’d rather talk about anything else on the planet lol he looked so shy/awkward but was smiling. When chairs were brought out and the MC asked them to sit down, Jongup and Zelo were left standing looking blank since they didn’t understand the Japanese to sit down (It was very cute).

Q&A corner: The questions were all by Baby Japan members, we were asked to submit our questions via email, so they said the name of the Baby who wrote the question after it was chosen from the box, and each member took one question from the box one by one. Each member would point to who they thought fit the answer to the question.

Q: Who is the clumsiest (or scatterbrained) member?
A: Pretty much all of B.A.P pointed to Zelo
The MC asked for an episode of Zelo’s scatterbrained-ness and they said how Zelo left his tablet in a taxi once, but he managed to get everything back.

Q: Who’s the best at aegyo and coolness?
A: Most pointed at Yongguk, who said “I’ll do my best”
Daehyun and Youngjae said that Yongguk would be very kind to a girlfriend though he doesn’t speak much, and that he is very manly.

Q: Who is the biggest “Shy Boy?” (Daehyun started singing “Shy Boy~” at this point)
A: Most pointed to Zelo
Daehyun sang “Shy Boy” again and Zelo did a little dance

I can’t remember how they lead into this, but Zelo said “Zelo-Chaaaan” (~Chan is a suffix you put on the end of names to denote closeness/fondness) in a really sweet aegyo void saying it’s how Himchan says it.

Q: Who would be the best Spy?
A: Youngjae. Because he played the role of a Spy in One Shot, and Youngjae also said in Japanese that he is “A good Spy. These guys (points to other members) Not good Spies.”

Q: Who draws the best?
A: Jongup. They talked about Jongup’s Olaf Papa drawing on IG, asking if we’d all seen it and the venue screamed yes. I think it was here Youngjae said “Jongup can do an Olaf impersonation.” So Jongup tried, he got the voice, but he didn’t know what to say so he was asking Youngjae for the lines and Youngjae just said “I’m sorry everyone” lol.

Q: Who would be the perfect escort?
A: (some pointed to Dae too I think), Himchan. When they were pointing to Himchan, at one point Yongguk, who was sitting next to him, just started prodding and poking Himchan’s face with the pointer.
Himchan said that because he understands a woman’s heart, he’s a perfect escort. They started saying their names in aegyo voices, but I laughed so hard because Yongguk said “Yongguk-ku” but it was basically just him speaking normally and not aegyo at all.

Performances: Hajima and Dancing in the Rain. They did the Japanese versions for both which sound really nice live. I didn’t like Dancing in the Rain J-version originally, but it sounds a lot better live.

Galaxy Telepathy Game

Each member would take turns taking a paper out of a box which had the row and seat numbers of different parts of the venue. The Babys in those seats would stand up and have to guess the number one of the members was thinking (they gave really obvious hints though) but sitting down so that the standing Babys showed what number they answered. If they guessed correctly, the Babys in those seats were to take their tickets to the ticket counter after to get a special postcard.

For practice, B.A.P did it first. Daehyun was supposed to think of a number but he kept laughing and having trouble before he asked “What month did we make our Korean debut?” then he faced the other way while the rest of B.A.P except Zelo sat down. Daehyun said something like he forgot the month they debuted and everyone laughed. He turned around and said “ichi/1” (for January), and since Zelo was the 1 member standing, that was correct.

I can’t remember all the numbers each member said, but when he was faced away waiting for Babys to answer, Zelo did this nose wiggling/nostril dance lol. For Youngjae’s turn, he took a Jokomato plushie and put it in front of his face and spoke in Jokomato’s voice which was ridiculously cute.
Yongguk’s turn went like:
My favourite number is…conbi- *HMM* so the answer was 2, conbi-NI (ni = 2 in Japanese), this is from his Conbini ni ikimasho (Let’s go to the convenience store OTL…)

Ideal Type

I think everyone heard about the rules for this but there is one outline of a girl on a paper on stage, and the members take turns adding things from their “Ideal type” of girl.

Zelo: Eyebrows and glasses
Jongup: Long, curled hair
Youngjae: Blue Jeans. I think he was the one who added a hat too
Daehyun: added eyelashes or something to the eyebrows, big Dae-esque lips, a black blazer, angel wings
Himchan: Sneakers and whistle
Yongguk: Holding Tigger and wearing a watch. He also did this really terrible, smirking “bite” into the camera which was too sexy to be allowed

There were 3 girls who were still standing so they did rock paper scissors with Himchan, the girl who won against Himchan was helped to the stage by venue staff, received the Ideal Type drawing signed by all the members (Yongguk even wrote her name on it) and they all gave her their matoki plushies. Himchan kissed Tats before giving it to the girl.

When the girl was leaving the stage, she dropped Dadamato and accidentally kicked it, so Jongup covered his face with his hand and looked like he was going to faint.

They were saying their thank you’s, and when Jongup’s turn came up, they all pointed their mice at his mouth/face/head. Then when it was Zelo’s turn to talk, they got even sillier pointing their mics to his ears/top of head, except Jongup held his mic to Zelo’s legs.
They were still talking when Himchan started to be a creep to Jongup by putting his face on Jongup’s should and continuously getting closer and closer to his face while intensely staring at him while Jongup ignored/snuck glances with a “What do I do…” face. Hicmhan did the same thing to Zelo lol. When they were done talking, they took turns saying the letters for B.A.B.Y. (I think at this point they also announced that their Continent Tour was coming to Japan too but this isn’t really news lol, we all knew it was coming)

Performance: B.A.B.Y is so good live T^T Daehyun added “Aishiteiru” (I love you in Japanese) to the song, and I think it was here Junhong high-fived some if the Babys in the front row. Then they went offstage.

Encore: they played the “No Mercy” J-version PV and Babys did the fan chant even for this. When B.A.P came back out they were wearing their white No Mercy outfits (and looked really, REALLY good I might add…Yongguk and white sweatpants, just don’t even talk to me right now….)
At this point we also sand Yongguk happy birthday in Korean, and Himchan put his head on Yongguk’s shoulder and Yongguk just grinned embarrassedly and looked super awkward before nudging him away.
They said their “Uri B.A.P Yessir!” and made their way off the stage, except Zelo who danced his way off stage.

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